Materialism among teenagers

We all are well known to this term “materialistic”. A person who values the materialistic things more in their life than the relationships, emotions, etc. these people have a mentality that if they have money in their life they will be happy, though comparing happiness with money is not make sense because it is seen that an average income family person is happier than a billionaire. This is proved in various studies that family, friends, relations are what make us happy rather than only money. In today’s virtual world creates a difference between people and opens a door to the world of glory in which everyone is successful and perfect. Youth is one of the most affected parts of this. This glory status symbol and popularity is leading teenagers toward a materialistic lifestyle.    

 Teenage is a very crucial age, it is the growing age in which an individual learns and develops values for life. The Values, hobbies, and skills developed in teenagers tend to have a long-term impact on everyone. Children generally start a journey of self-discovery, strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats at this age. Family and friends play a major role in it and frame their behavior for the rest of their life. 

In this crucial age of finding themselves, they look around themselves in their family, friends, and society to make their choices. In today’s tech-generation every second person is on social media. This social-media life is such glory that you would feel left out if you don’t follow some trends and that doesn’t matter at all that some are just baseless. This trap of trends develops a tendency of ‘spend more save less’ consumption behavior in today’s society, how? These trends to grape so much attention of teens. Now for following these trends they start to spend money on some unnecessary things just to show off.


A person’s behavior is most of their family. Family structure decides the beliefs, mindset, etc. of an individual. In the various studies, this is shown that children of materialistic parents tend to be materialistic too. There is also shown that teenagers are usually becoming materialistic to show off to others their wealth of their family. Even for some families, this family status matters more than life values. Lack of social values, not understanding someone’s emotions is just normal because that materialistic nature just destroys this ability of a person. Having a materialistic parent and is just the cherry on top because in that case, children don’t have to persuade them for buying something trendy.


Teenage friendship is most about popularity, trends, and comparisons. Popularity among local people or same age groups attracts teenagers the most, and discussion about the popular people and trends is the most interesting topic for them. Which friend of there is following which trend and which friend is more popular among their friends and family or having more followers on social media. Some of them compare themselves to their cousin, friends, or any random teenager on social media this deeply affects the mentality of teenagers and the reason for their materialistic nature. Sometimes peer pressure is also the reason which pushes a teenage mind towards the social glory


Judged by society is not a new thing but the impact on every person is different. Society standards about beauty, health, happiness, success is somewhat started to change but the mentality of the people will take so much time to accept themselves first. Acceptance in society and its mentality of acceptance is what leads a teenager towards a materialistic life. Good looks, success, happiness, and the new term of perfection on social media of society is what bothers a teenage mind and they start to self-doubt, develop insecurities for not having a good social life and social richness became the biggest turn off in their life. From here he/she starts to think materialistic for improving their virtual life which not only distracts them from their life goals but also loses their focusing ability. 


Materialistic nature in teenagers mostly affects them in their studies how? In various studies, it is shown that the materialistic nature of teenagers shifts their focus from studies to materialistic things. The Student tends to walk towards the new trends and technology which keep them busy not only there but mostly in others life. This social media addiction is one of the hardest to quit for nowadays people not only elders but also for teenagers and young children. Less materialistic nature teenagers tend to have more focus ability than the materialistic one because their priorities are their future, studies, career, and family but on the other hand, materialistic teenagers prioritize virtual popularity, trends, and some goals which depend on this social media glory

Social media

Social media has become an integral part of our life, that you can keep a tap on someone’s daily activities. Need of showing people that how much happy and upgraded we are in our life is what makes everyone materialistic not even the person who is watching but also the one who is posting. We all notice that people usually post some branded pieces of stuff too just to show that they have it or using it but the far forgotten topic is “is that thing is necessary”. Teenagers are usually got trapped in this glory and this materialistic glory affects them adversely in many aspects.

Advertising market

Advertisement is one of the strongest tools in the business for sales and recognition of their brand. Nowadays every company target teenager and youth for their new product keeping trends in their minds. Every one of us comes across such advertisement which became a trend in itself or became a status symbol. Gagged companies usually create such kind of ads which shows the status symbol by having their brand products and expose it on social media so that it will only expose to their desired target audience which mostly is teenagers. 


Surprisingly this materialistic nature also causes some health damage sometimes how? Well, materialist people have this kind of nature to follow trends and follow status symbols. There are also some challenges you may have seen on social media which can be dangerous too. Some people try to copy some celebrities and their diet schedule and consume some products which maybe not fit them just to follow trends or showing off people forgot that these diets and specific product that they are using may cause them harm because these kinds of things are just personalized according to their body structure and routine. the Same goes the trends for sake of trends people sometimes do things in which they are not comfortable

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