Mr. Lokesh Chugh: An Exuberant Politician!

Founder and Chairman, UNNATI

Mr. Lokesh Chugh

“Great leaders don't tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done!”

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors once said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it” and those who do this and seek for knowledge by removing the curtains of ignorance and fear, ultimately delve themselves into an ocean of hard work to bring a small yet significant change in the society. One such extraordinary personality and an active leader who is tirelessly engaged in uplifting the students of this country is Mr. Lokesh Chugh. He is a contemporary political leader of Indian national Congress (INC), a party with a notable and celebrated history. He has been valiantly rising the societal issues, specifically those faced by the students across India on the most relevant forums, so that the concerned authorities can be given a hooter to wake from their sleep. Given his consistent diligence and selfless demeanour, he was given the position of the ‘National Secretary InCharge Media and Communication’ of National Students’ Union of India. NSUI is the scholar arm of Indian National Congress and was established by Indira Gandhi on April 9, 1971 with the main aim to fight for the rights of the students on the basis of truth and morals. It unbiasedly gives a platform to students to express their concerns about the subjects related to them and the unfair policies and decisions that might put their future in jeopardy or might supress their voices. Mr. Chugh was appointed by revered Mr. Neeraj Kundan who currently is the National President at NSUI and was also approved by National Indian Congress’ President Smt. Sonia Gandhi.

Born in a middle-class family of Delhi, Lokesh Chugh had always been a firm believer of Students’ politics. He is a PhD scholar and engaged himself in the political activities from the initial days of his higher education. The unheard voices of students struggling in the terrain of education provoked his zeal and passion to join active students’ politics in 2016. The onset of his political career is marked by becoming the General Secretary of Delhi State at NSUI. He later held the office in the power of ‘National Secretary InCharge Media and Communication of Delhi and Gujarat’ at NSUI for 2 years and eventually got promoted for his current position in 2020 with his phenomenal work. He has been playing a pivotal role for NSUI as well as students’ politics at the national level ever since he joined his hands with the organisation. With power comes responsibilities, and with authority and control comes accountability, it seems that Mr. Lokesh has been inadvertently working with the same disposition as he has never failed showing the best of his capabilities to influence the systems and has courageously highlighted the key issues ranging from fee hike to cancellation of exams during COVID in order to foster a hassle free and smooth process of learning and education for the students.

Before his career took a turn towards politics, he had been doing something vivid, ingenious and dynamic in the past as well. He served various prestigious positions in plethora of governmental bodies such as Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation where he worked as an Advisor for about a year. After that, he was appointed as the Central Advisory Committee Member for an interim period of two years in the Ministry of Communication. Hard work certainly pays off and Mr. Lokesh’s extraordinary track record created a path of further progress for him and made him stand at the point where he currently is. He has made it extremely clear that excuses are just for weak and those who believe in themselves, their rightful yearning and in the power of their dreams can truly achieve even by initiating the journey by miniature steps. As Mahatma Gandhi remarkably pointed out that “Be the change you want to see in the world,” Mr. Chugh has been seen following the same trail only, as he has been continuously channelling himself with energy and motivation to give a ray of light to students who feel crippled under a system which has lost its values and ethos. He wants to see a secure place for the students across India and has been consistently fighting the battle against all the odds and exuberances.

As we all know, the novel Corona Virus or COVID-19, has shackled India in a place where something that is certain is ‘uncertainty.’ Millions of people have succumbed in front of it while million others are still battling against it valiantly.  Such times come with a test, a test of the entire civilization and those who help and understand each other in these most difficult times can be simply regraded as humans with humanity. Mr. Lokesh Chugh has shown an impeccable humble demeanour in these times and has tried to throw light on those who have left out of the major room discussions, ‘the students.’ Keeping them in mind, Mr. Lokesh Chugh with NSUI is standing up for the entire student committee of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences or MUHS, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET aspirants, and Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test (INI CET) – conducted by AIIMS, aspirants as they have been demanding the postponement of offline exams or the conduct of online exams amidst the COVID chaos. From his social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc. he has been unstoppably appealing the Governers and important leaders to look into this grave situation. He has been urging them to consider the burden on students mentally and emotionally and the higher risk probability of getting affected by COVID while appearing for offline examinations. In the light of the same concern, he has initiated an online campaign and movement called #muhsonlineexams for MUHS’ students and a large number of people are coming from plethora of categories to support this noble cause. He had also been seen showing concern in CBSE exams of class XII in order to create a safe space for students while this deadly virus is on its peak.

Not only students, but he has never missed any opportunity to help the people in need. He has organised food drives to distribute free meals to the needy ones. Through his inspiring tweets, he has been continuously educating people to go and get inoculated. It is often said that India lives in various centuries at the same time and while some people still live with an orthodox mind-set, Mr. Chugh’s recent tweet celebrating ‘Pride Month’ shows his open-mindedness and inspires millions of people to stop discriminating people on the most ill-judged parameters.

He is a person with myriad of flesh virtues and has been constantly inspiring people for years and it is undoubtful that he will continue to channel this positive energy and will work with this same amount of enthusiasm in the following years to make a better space for students and fellow Indians.